The best means of impotence in the world are

  • Viagra is a drug that belongs to the classical means that can effectively stimulate sexual function, relieve erection disorders, long maintain the penis elastic and capable of a new sexual act; it should be taken about an hour before sexual contact and enjoy the action of the drug for at least four hours, but the cost of branded means is high;
  • Cialis – quite strong drugs for impotence in men who can maintain an erection for thirty-six hours, and drink one tablet will have fifteen minutes before sexual intimacy; the active substance does not allow to take the drug to those who have suffered a heart attack or have physiological problems with the penis;
  • Kamagra gold – is an effective stimulant drug, and increases erection well, due to the fact that it is a generic Viagra; but this drug has many side effects, because a person suffers from headaches, anemia, photophobia, fever, if you take two tablets during the day;
  • Tadasip – can act a day and a half, and its highlight is that the stimulant is effective after a hundred grams of alcohol, so it is called the king of parties and is popular with young people; it is strictly forbidden to use the drug for diseases of the heart and blood vessels, liver and kidneys, deformation and abnormalities of the penis;
  • Levitra — has an exciting effect, keeping its properties for twelve hours, but a day can not be used more than one tablet; tablet for impotence men has a large list of contraindications and side effects, which can be found in the instructions for the drug; it is strictly prohibited for myeloma, cancer, renal and liver failure;
  • Impaza is a stimulating natural dietary Supplement that actively fights impotence and lengthens sexual contact; this drug for impotence has no side effects, and a fairly long course of treatment allows you to get rid of the piquant problem, and not hide it for a while; it is quite cheap and affordable, because it is implemented in pharmacies and is offered in the catalogs of numerous stores on the Internet.
  • The price of high-quality ointments and creams purchased at the pharmacy will be three hundred and fifty or nine hundred rubles, depending on the type of drug and the region.

    Ointments and creams against impotence

    The state of chronic impotence involves the treatment of tablets, but in paral-lel with them should be used ointments or creams that can increase erectile function and prolong the duration of the act at any age.

    The positive side of drugs for topical use is:

  • they are used not only for treatment, but also for preventive purposes;
  • have a rapid action;
  • able to moisturize the skin;
  • prolong sexual contact;
  • increase sexual stamina;
  • characterized by ease of reception;
  • lengthen the penis, but only for a while;
  • allow to strengthen sexual excitement;
  • it has small side effects and contraindications;
  • it does not adversely affect the gastrointestinal tract and cardiovascular system.
  • Solutions for injection

    In addition to high-quality tablets for erectile dysfunction, under the supervision of specialists, it is strongly recommended to use injections of some drugs that are carried out directly into the phallus. Effective drugs in the form of rectal-type suppositories, which are introduced into the anus shortly before contact.

    Doctors recommended to use drugs in the form of injection:

    • Cover art;
    • Papaverine's;
    • Phentolamine's;
    • Prostaglandin's;
    • Alprostan.

    None of the drugs is not used in the treatment of sexual dysfunction without the advice of a specialist. You can use only the kind of injections or suppositories that are suitable for a person individually, use only those drugs for which the patient does not have an allergic reaction.

    When choosing a particular drug, the state of the man, his age, individual characteristics of the body, the timing of erectile dysfunction and lifestyle are taken into account.