Comparative characteristic

No matter how many opinions were expressed, any product is compared with similar analogues. For example, what is more worthy of attention in men to restore erectile function – cialis or viagra? You can choose only after testing both tools, but the main differences we will mention.

  • Viagra is valid for 4 hours, Cialis – 36 hours;
  • Viagra does not work in combination with food, Cialis is devoid of such restrictions;
  • Alcohol consumption is prohibited in the first case, in the second – the effect of tablets is not canceled by alcohol;
  • Viagra is taken an hour before sexual intercourse, Cialis – for 20-15 minutes;
  • The price of viagra is higher, as it went on sale earlier, and the whole brand was organized;
  • The effect of Cialis is smoother, excitement occurs only after sexual stimulation, viagra can not boast of such indicators;
  • Cialis – the drug is modified and improved, but viagra is a more secure and thoroughly tested; Viagra can not be taken daily, and cialis is suitable, and even prescribed by urologists, for daily therapy (only the dosage of the drug changes).
  • The right choice, Cialis or viagra, always remains for a man.

    Cialis reviews doctors contraindications and side effect

    Side effects are less pronounced than in similar funds to increase erection, and potency in General. Practically, it does not cause blood tides to the brain, and does not change the perception of color, such as viagra or levitra. Sometimes there is a violation of the gastrointestinal tract, but only on an individual basis. If the tablets are taken regularly (with prescribed therapy), then after a couple of three days of malaise associated with the drug are reduced. What other side effect can there be on the body?

  • Nausea and diarrhea (if the tablets are taken for the first time);
  • Bloating of the abdomen;
  • Backache;
  • Dizziness;
  • Conjunctivitis, or simply redness of the retina of the eyeball;
  • Itching and skin rashes like hives;
  • Heart palpitation;
  • Changes in blood pressure (in men over 40 years);
  • Sometimes an erection may not take a long time, due to excitement, and the sensations can become painful.
  • Cope with such manifestations is not difficult, because they are short-lived. These are the side effects of Cialis. Let us consider direct contraindications.

  • Do not take the drug if the sensitivity to the main component, tadalafil, is pronounced, and is allergic in nature;
  • The penis has anatomical curvature, or other abnormalities (congenital or acquired due to injury);
  • If the patient is previously diagnosed with renal failure (or hepatic);
  • In the case where the retina of the eyeball has degenerative diseases;
  • If the young person has not reached the age of majority.

  • Viagra or cialis: which is better for me?

    It would seem that men's problems are similar. In fact, our body reacts differently to the same drug, and the root causes of erectile dysfunction are different.

    Cialis is the only drug of the trio, the FDA recommended that men with BPH. Patients with adenoma (benign prostatic hyperplasia, BPH) can safely choose cialis. Bonus: tadalafil facilitates urination, increases urine flow.

    Cialis can be taken daily to be ready for sexual stimulation at any time. Tadalafil gives sexual freedom, unattainable with short-acting drugs.

    Viagra is a more convenient drug for those who have sex rarely and irregularly. It is enough to drink a pill an hour before the proximity, and the next day all the effects disappear without a trace. From the features of levitra it should be noted that it is better absorbed when taken with fatty foods. This becomes a key factor if a man is scheduled for a romantic dinner.